Brands We LOVE That Work Well With Our Products

Samantha is a nail GURU and always learning new techniques to share. Here are some of her favorite brand recommendations...


Dip Liquids-

  • Luxie Nail (Etsy Seller) 
  • Virgo + Gem

Indie Dip Powers-

  • Luxie Nail (Etsy Seller)
  • Virgo + Gem
  • OG Dip Power (Etsy Seller)
  • Mystic Moon Dips Co.
  • Paramount Dips (Etsy Seller)
  • Diamond Dips
  • Double Dipp'd 



  • Luxie Nail (Etsy Seller)
  • Virgo + Gem
  • Beetles Gel (Found on Amazon)


No Light Required Brands from Walmart, Target, Amazon, Etc. -

  • Orly Bonder (We carry)
  • Orly Sec N Dry (We carry)
  • Maniology Sticky Base Polish & Smudge Free Top Coat
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes



This list is continuously growing so if you find something you think I need to try, please let me know! Please note I am not an affiliate for any of these companies nor was I paid to make these recommendations.