Chameleon Chrome Stick

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Chrome Sticks are a great way to liven up any manicure. Use as an accent nail or even under our transparent nail polish wraps for a special look. Your options are endless! Chrome sticks can be used with any color but we chromed these over black.  


For UV/LED gel simply burnish over a sticky gel polish after it’s been cured, after burnishing you will then want to top coat it with your favorite no wipe gel top coat or even a matte top coat, cure again and you’re done! 

For non- UV/LED lamp users 

Use Sally Hansen  Miracle Gel Nail Polish. Paint nails black or desired color, top with SH Miracle Gel Nail Polish, wait 2 minutes or until dry, burnish nail, top coat with SH Miracle Gel Nail Polish again and wait another 2 minutes for it to dry. 

Chrome Stick 01: Teal - Purple

Chrome Stick 02: Purple - Pink - Gold

Chrome Stick 03: Pink - Green

Chrome Stick 04: Copper/Orange - Green

Chrome Stick 06: Blue - Purple